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A Renewed Sense Of Self

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One-On-One Coaching To Empower Your Transformation

One of the most profound chapters in my life involved navigating the complexities of ending a long-term marriage and venturing back into the dating world. This transformative experience opened my eyes to the intricate dance of intimacy and the depths of human connection.


Through it all, I've harnessed my skills and insights to assist others in their quest for profound intimacy and holistic exploration of their own sexuality. I understand that the journey to understanding oneself and finding genuine connection can be both exhilarating and daunting. 


You are not alone, I am here to guide and accompany you every step of the way.

Who for?

These services are designed for anyone seeking personal growth, self-discovery and empowerment. If you’re seeking to deepen your intimacy, explore your desires, improve your self-confidence or create more meaningful connections these services offer support. Additionally, they are adaptable & inclusive to encompass the holistic aspects of mental, emotional and physical well-being and ultimately aim to empower you to lead a more fulfilling life and embrace your sexuality.

Every journey is unique & requires personalised consideration.

In your program we will explore each of the four pillars and define what is the best approach tailored to your needs.
Personalised Guidance

Tailored support to explore your unique desires and forge a deeper connection with yourself.

Style & Confidence

Unleash your confidence and attractiveness through your personal style, which is an expression of your true self.

Home as Sanctuary

Craft a home environment that reflects your innermost desires and empowers your overall well-being.

An Empowered Holistic Approach

Experience profound transformation by addressing the mental, emotional, and physical facets of your journey.

Book a 15 min free consultation

Discover your coaching compatibility with a 15-minute consultation. Let's assess how we can best support your journey together.

Reinvention Coaching Packages

Seeking clarity on life after a long-term relationship breakdown?

Expert & empathic guidance through this transformative journey.

Discovery Session

Uncover insights and set the foundation for your personal growth journey in a focused one-hour

    • 1 hour of personalised guidance

    • Follow-Up Email summarising key insights and recommendations

  • $385 AUD (Incl GST)

Transformation Package

Embark on a profound journey of self-mastery and intimacy enhancement. Over four weeks,
tailor-made sessions will unlock your full potential across various life domains.

  • Includes:

    • A minimum of 8 hours of intensive personal development.

    • Deep exploration of personal branding and creating a harmonious living space

    • Sessions on achieving effective intimacy.

    • Weekly mentoring calls and post-session emails for continuous support.

  • Transformation Package is designed for you & starts at $3850 AUD (incl GST)

Guidance Package

Dive deeper into every aspect of your life with holistic guidance. Explore personal goals, self-
expression, and home design to cultivate a fulfilling lifestyle.

    • 2 hours of comprehensive guidance covering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

    • 1 hour each dedicated to personal style and home design.

    • Recap emails for ongoing support.

  • $1650 AUD (incl GST)

Gift Package Available

Treat someone special to
the gift of personal growth and transformation.

Coaching Application

Who is interested in these services?
It is a gift for someone else
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